Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fried Steak

"Get from the butcher a tenderloin or porter-house steak. Do not wash it, but be careful to lay it on a clean block and beat it well, but not into holes, nor so as to look ragged. Sprinkle over pepper and salt, then dredge with flour on both sides.
Have ready a hot frying-pan, lay in the steak and cover closely. The juice of the meat will be sufficient to cook it. Turn often, as the pan must be hot enough to scorch and make the steak and gravy brown.
Before it gets hard or overdone, butter liberally; place in a hot dish. Pepper again, and, if preferred, pour over first one tablespoonful pepper vinegar, then one tablespoonful made mustard, and turn over all the hot gravy. Sift powdered cracker over and serve." Mrs. S. T. Housekeeping in Old Virginia. Pg 122.

I have to confess that being a broke college student prevented me from purchasing an unecessarily large piece of beef. So- instead I purchased sirloin strips from my local grocery. I did not beat the meat, as instructed by Mrs. S.T. I dredged the beef in flour, seasoned it with salt and pepper, and placed it on the hot frying pan.  I was cooking with a smaller portion of beef, so I had to use a little more butter on the meat that I had planned. I flipped the strips several times so as to prevent burning or overcooking the beef.
Once finished, there was a delectible salty crust on the outside of the beef. I think I used a little too much butter though, as the strips were a little oily.
I had no crackers to dust across the beef, an ingredient that I will surely include next time....

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