Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Scrambled Eggs

"Beat four eggs very light. Add a teacup milk, thickened with a teaspoon flour.  Have the pan very hot, put in a tablespoonful butter, our in the eggs, and scramble quickly---" Mrs. E Housekeeping in Old Virginia pg.189

I hate eggs.  I only eat eggs because I can use the protein in the morning. For this recipe, I downsized the portions to a single serving- 1 egg, 1/4 teacup of milk, 1/4 teaspoon flour and a bit of butter for greasing the pan. I have a single-serving miniature frying pan for my eggs.(1) Because of the size of the pan, I chose to scramble the ingredients prior to cooking.  My first attempt was an epic fail.  The center was extremely runny and the bottom portion of the eggs were burned.  I reread the recipe and realized that I had forgotten to "scramble quickly" as instructed by Mrs. E. I repeated the process with the appropriate instructions in mind.

The outcome was far better than expected!  The flour stiffens the egg and the added milk dampens the eggy after-taste that I loathe. The scrambled egg was fluffy and quite delicious.  I've decided to follow Mrs. E's recipe from here on out, making my future breakfasts more enjoyable and less dreadful.

1.  I discovered several months ago that when one shares a house with many people, one's things are often "borrowed" for other purposes.  There have been many frying pans in the house that have fallen victim to cruel cooking methods- such as using forks on Teflon surfaces... *shudder* I found a miniature four inch wide pan at Walmart and purchased it for $5. No one steals my pan because it's too small to cook anything substantial. HA!

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